Thursday, June 26, 2008

Reflection together

So funny,
A cash RM50 looking big when bring to a donation box at the mosque, but it so small when we bring to supermarket.

Its funny,
10 minutes its too long for praising Allah S.W.T. but how short that 10 minutes for football matches.

Funny huh,
So long 2 hours being in the mosque, but so fast 2 hours going when watching a movie at the cinema.

Its very hard to say thanks to Allah S.W.T but very easy to find a topic for talking when meets between a boys and girls.

So funny,
How a yelling and shouting continous when our favourite football team playing, but so bored when imam of tarawih prayers at the fasting month uttering of Allahuakbar all the time.

Its funny,
So difficult to recite Al-Quran section reading, but magazine and entertainment novel 1000 pages could be finished.

Peoples try to grab it a most front line to watching sport matches or a concert, but also try to grab a most behind line when friday prayer with hope can get out early.

Funny huh,
So hard to attract people spreading a call, but so easy to attract people for join our gossip union.

Take a deep breath and ask yourself, please give a good news to the believer that for them a great reward from our Master..Allah S.W.T. Always judge yourself before been judged for a last time.

26 June 2008
1:59 Petang.

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