Friday, July 4, 2008

The Teachings of the Al-Qur'an

The basic objective of the Al-Qur'an is to awaken man's awareness of the Sovereignty of Allah S.W.T. in universe and in human affairs. Man is merely a trustee in the vast universe of Allah, and the purpose of his creation is to worship, if it is done with good intentions and in accordance with the laws given by Allh S.W.T. So, the ultimate responsibility of each person is to Allah S.W.T. alone, and every human being will be questioned concerning what he did with Allah's gifts: life itself, faculties, talents, time, possessions and all that one has been given.
Excellence in this life is a prerequisite for excellence in the future life. Thus, the Al-Qur'an exhorts people to observe, to think, to investigate and to search earnestly for truth. It urges people to help others, in seeking justice for all and in striving for peace among the peoples of the earth. It asks every man to free himself from servitude to other men and from and from bondage to his own desires. Thus, the Al-Qur'an speaks of Allah S.W.T. Piety (taqwa) as the basis of all good actions. It teaches us how the subservience to Allah S.W.T. must reach the innermost recesses of the heart. Hence, we will sincerely believe that everything good we have is from Allah S.W.T. and that we shall return to Him.
In brief, when a Muslim reads the Al-Qur'an he considers himself to be worshipping, because he repeats the words of Allah S.W.T. with the determination to observe the Commands of Allah S.W.T.
The Al-Quran is the first sourse of Muslim belief and law. We muslims believe that it will be preserved from change until the end of the world, because Allah S.W.T. says: "Surely We have revealed the Al-Qur'an (the Remembrance) and certainly We will preserve it" (Al-Hijr:9)

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